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Drop in Wednesdays and Saturdays from 4-6pm for a  polymer clay class at the Open Fine Art Gallery in Berkeley.

Make a different project and learn something new every time you come. Suggested donation is $20 per class.

Nobody is turned away for the lack of funds.

June 18th there will be an “Introduction to Millefiori” class at Albany Arts Gallery, where we participate at the Summer Art Camp.

Join us July 8th -12th for a 5 day workshop that is educational, creative and fun. It is for kids and adults 8years and older.

Early January we had the Kick-Off Event for an  educational community project at  the Open Fine Art Gallery .

Check out the Meetup for more events by clicking on the picture below.


The Burlingame Public Library hosted  a Workshop with the  Open Clay Project   for a “Introduction to Polymer Clay Millefiori” class. 30 participants in two groups of 15 joined to learn how to condition, reduce and slice the clay to make awesome fractal canes. Slices of these canes were used to make earrings, necklaces, wristbands, buttons and other ornaments.

Check out the cute Narwal in the video.

Open Clay Project is happy to announce a cooperation with Albany Arts Gallery.

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RNA synthesis

I met my friend Eric at Techliminal, a technology hotspot in Downtown Oakland which also hosts Workshop Weekend where I teach clay classes. Eric makes cool technology applications for aquaponic farming, and he right away saw the potantial of polymer clay millefiori. ( Thats why I took him along to help me out at MakerFaire to present the Polymer Clay Educational tools :-)) Here is a video about Eric’s aquaponics systems.

Eric assigned me with my very first commission work, he requested to make his awesome company Logo out of clay to make some jewelry to promote his business. The Logo shows a water droplet, a leaf and a fish, and is just perfect to be made out of clay. But see for yourself!

Aus Kojiji Grows Logo
Aus Kojiji Grows Logo
Aus Kojiji Grows Logo
Aus Kojiji Grows Logo
Aus Kojiji Grows Logo

This was the second time I tought a class at Workshop Weekend, and it was fantastic. Whereas the first time we only did the Sierpinsky Triangles in black and white, this time everybody could choose their own colours and the outcome was amazing. Also everybody was able to make lemons/limes/oranges, and all this in just 2 hours. The material kits I provided this time contained many more colours for lots and lots of more projects to do.

Click on the lime to see the web album on Picasa.
Thanks to Rick Washburn for the great pictures.

Clay Class @ Workshop Weekend
Aus Clay Class @ Workshop Weekend

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